A downloadable plugin

This plugin will help you quickly block out levels, build environments, and test ideas, while prototyping or developing your game, simulation or experience in Godot Engine.

Current features include:

  • Place and easily resize blocks with static colliders
  • Place and easily resize stairs that adapt to any height and steepness
  • Blocks and stairs come in 6 different colours; you can choose from 10 texture variants for the blocks
  • Supports Godot 3.x

The project is in an early stage of development, and probably not production-ready. Please do try it out, though, and let me know your thoughts!


Source code and contributing

You can find the plugin's source code, and ways to contribute to its development, on GitHub:


Blockout v0.1.0 287 kB

Install instructions

First, download and run Godot 3.x.

If you just want to test the plugin quickly, you can open the test project included with the plugin and play around with it.

If you want to start using it in your own project:

  1. Paste the 'addons' folder from the plugin into your project ('addons' needs to be in the same folder as 'project.godot')
  2. In Godot editor, go to 'Project' -> 'Project Settings...' -> 'Plugins', and enable 'Blockout'. If you don't see it, click 'Update' first.

You can plop the 'Block' and 'Stairs' objects into your scenes, from res://addons/blockout/prefab/.


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looks interesting.