A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You are just an average Mexican, who wants to move to the USA, that country not far from you, just beyond that wall. Use your mouse to move around and interact with other people/objects and cycle through dialogues shown in upper part of the screen.

Bordercry is the result of four people, who had been playing couch multiplayer games and drinking rum for 10 or so hours prior, attempting to create something playable in 1 day on New Year's. First build shows work accomplished between about 8 AM and midnight. All code, music and art was made in that time.

List of unimplemented features:
* The story can't move past helping the ghost, because two objects, one truck and one meme that our artist had prepared didn't get scripted by our programmers :(
* At the very beginning you can hear 30 or 39 seconds of one random music track (out of the three composed for this game). It should be randomised and played again but it's not.

But the game generally works.

A Hangover Game Jam 2018 game by GreeboCherry, ObscureDragone, Outfrost & Violin Melody


Bordercry_linux_amd64.tar.gz 53 MB
Bordercry_linux_i386.tar.gz 53 MB
Bordercry_windows_i386.zip 45 MB

Install instructions

  1. Pick the right build for your OS.
    • linux, windows - that's pretty obvious
    • amd64 = 64-bit x86-64 processor
    • i386 = 32-bit x86 processor
  2. Download and unpack the archive
  3. The main binary is going to be one of:
    • Bordercry.x86-64
    • Bordercry.x86
    • Bordercry.exe
    Simply launch it to start the game. On Linux you may have to first make it executable, e.g. through file properties or via $ chmod +x Bordercry.x86* in the terminal.

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