This was originally supposed to be a tribute to Traffic Game, a really obscure public transport management sim from 2006. For what it's worth, it was a lot of fun when I randomly stumbled upon it as a kid. This obnoxious magazine's website is the only place I could find today that has any mention of the game. But the demo still works, and you can play it!

"Originally supposed to", because instead of programming any gameplay, I focused on procedurally generating a city map. What you get to see in this... haphazard tech demo I guess? is my awfully slow algorithm generating a network of roads that hopefully kinda sorta vaguely potentially resembles a European city, if you squint hard enough.

An Honest Jam entry

Run it, watch it do the thing. Perhaps repeat. It's different each time. Enjoy.

Programmed by Outfrost.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Dec 11, 2020
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Generator, Procedural Generation, transport
LinksSource code


Prototype build - Linux 64-bit
Prototype build - Windows 64-bit
Prototype build - macOS the Bits that Apple Approves

Install instructions

1. don't


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Whether it was down line drawing lag or what, it was interesting to see this map build up over time. Procedural generation is often an interesting topic and gets us thinking about "what looks natural" when generating data. Was cool to hear on stream how you went about achieving this! THANK YOU !


Interesting. I wouldn't even know how to begin making something like this.