Planet LD48B

After being dropped off on an unusual alien planet, our clever scientist embarks on a journey deeper and deeper into the jungles to collect and study precious materials unique to the planet that others want for their own purposes.

A Ludum Dare 48 game by

Font: Silver by Poppy Works (CC BY 4.0)

Ludum Dare submission page
The jam theme was "Deeper and deeper".


Well, this seems like a good place to get you started...

There seem to be powerful precious materials on this planet. There have been reports of rogue operations trafficking them to neighbouring systems to trade for weapons. People have been calling for us to put a stop to their actions and protect foreign ecosystems.

Your mission is to research the materials whilst protecting these jungles. They’re hidden deep within, so we will let you get settled in this area. Hopefully, you have all the equipment you need to get going.

Watch out for exploiters trying to grab the stuff before you get the chance.

Mothership, signing off. We await your safe return.


Bugfix update v0.2.2 - Linux 25 MB
Bugfix update v0.2.2 - Windows 24 MB
Bugfix update v0.2.2 - macOS 37 MB
Submission hour build - Linux 25 MB
Submission hour build - Windows 24 MB
Submission hour build - macOS 37 MB


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Great game! i loved the static art and the sounds a lot. It has a lot of content for a jam game, it took me a while to get to the end. Perhaps you could add an in-game tutorial so that players knew what to do, but otherwise, solid entry!