Little by little

Hey! So after Ludum Dare 50, we've been slowly poking at this game of ours and improving bits and pieces here and there. We've got a new build if you're interested!

  • There now are ambient sounds!
  • Improved some existing sound effects.
  • Part #9 (top row, 4th from left) can now be attached two ways, reducing confusion (and some spin-clicking).
  • Improved visuals of some parts. Certain details should be easier to see, and the parts look nicer overall.
  • Stats summary screens won't be dismissed by pressing just any key any more. Plenty of room to take screenshots or alt-tab to YouTube to tell it that yes, indeed, you are still watching the video.
  • Unless you reach an utterly superhuman score, text on the summary screens should not need scrolling any more.
  • Cleaned up some code.
  • In particular, removed some annoying prints that were leaking secrets.

Try the game and tell us what you think!

Find us on Discord, Twitch (666Savior13, CJGladback, Outfrost), and in the comments.


Re:Placement - Linux 45 MB
May 09, 2022
Re:Placement - Windows 42 MB
May 09, 2022

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