A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Productivity is at an all-time high with more and more automated employees! Business is booming and robots are looming. How long can you compete in this placement before you are yourself replaced?

Go about your assembly tasks and try to keep up with your new coworker to keep your job as long as you can.

A Ludum Dare 50 game by The Hyperatlantic

Plus sound sample by HonestDan.


  • Click - select, place part
  • Q W E A S D - rotate part
  • Right click - drop part
  • Backspace - back to menu

Ludum Dare submission page
The jam theme was "Delay the inevitable".

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Re:Placement - Linux 45 MB
Re:Placement - Windows 42 MB

Development log


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It's a fun game 🥳 I like the feeling of VR without VR 🌐

Thanks! ❤


Amazing. just ridiculous fun.


Thanks for giving it a go! Appreciate the feedback ^^