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You are a specimen of a very common cleaning robot, the Pro version specifically. You spend your days vacuuming around your owner's appartment.

One day, robbers break into your home, and steal you for themselves. Upon arriving at their place, you find that they barely have any furniture! You take it upon yourself to reorganize their rooms to match the place you're used to, using whatever you can find. It doesn't matter if you use the same objects, it just has to be close enough!

A Slavic Game Jam 2020 game by The Hyperatlantic

Featuring music & sound design by

Check out the soundtrack on YouTube!

The jam theme was "Close Enough".

All content was created during the jam by the six of us.


W A S D - movement
C - toggle between the new room and the original
G - grab and drop things

Known issues

Grabbing objects doesn't work in the jam build, but we made it usable in the bugfix build.

There isn't enough time for the player to make a big difference in the final score, and the game lacks a strong (not necessarily hard!) challenge. We need to do some balancing.


Jam build (v0.0.11) - Linux 64-bit 30 MB
Jam build (v0.0.11) - macOS 31 MB
Jam build (v0.0.11) - Windows 64-bit 29 MB
Bugfix build (v0.0.12) - Linux 64-bit 30 MB
Bugfix build (v0.0.12) - macOS 31 MB
Bugfix build (v0.0.12) - Windows 64-bit 29 MB

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