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You've just arrived at humanity's latest frontier: planet Wolf 1061c. It sits near the inner edge of its parent star's habitable zone, at just 0.084 AU.

Our mission's research has confirmed that the planet is tidally locked, which means one and the same side of it always faces the star. Your landing zone is located on Wolf 1061c's terminator line, also known as the twilight zone, separating the scorching hot light side and the freezing cold dark side.

Your task is to establish a base of operations, so that when the settlers arrive, they have access to enough fresh air and sustenance.

Construct buildings, discover what's around you, and manage your resources wisely. Run out of something, and it will trigger a cascade of failure. Good luck!

An Honest Jam 2 game by

  • Outfrost / Iwo Bujkiewicz (itch.io) - programming, game design, UX design, VFX
  • Marek Domagała (itch.io) (youtube) - music
  • 666Savior / Ryan White (itch.io) - level design, building design, programming

3D models by Kenney.nl

Artist's impression of the Wolf 1061 system by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Font: Atkinson Hyperlegible by Braille Institute of America

The jam theme was "Discover".


Post-jam bugfix version has a few small changes:

  • Fixed crash upon starting a new game when previous run ended with a building selected for construction
  • Fixed Terrain Scanner sometimes not scanning
  • Tweaked fog of war colour and a few map features for improved playability


Bugfix build - Linux 34 MB
Bugfix build - Windows 34 MB
Bugfix build - macOS 48 MB
Jam build - Linux 34 MB
Jam build - Windows 33 MB
Jam build - macOS 48 MB

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